Incentive on getting verified Staking pool registration

Waves.Exchange has a verified Staking Pool list. It gives the pools more visibility and your rewards will be registered and made visible by Waves.Exchange.

This week I will send all the requested information to Waves.Exchange to get my registration on this list.

Because of this can help us to let the pool grow I will send 1 Stake-Waves.Net token for every 10 WAVES which are in an active stake when the listing is accepted. The block that is used as the arbitrary moment is the block-height that is active at the moment we receive the positive feed-back of Waves.Exchange. There will be a maximum of 1,000 Stake-Waves.Net tokens per address applied for this incentive.

So at a glance:

  • Waves.Exchange accept Stake-Waves.Net as a verified staking pool
  • The block-height which is active at the moment we will receive the positive feed-back from Waves.Exchange.
  • All active staking-contracts (active = at least 1000 blocks staked to our pool) will receive 1 Stake-Waves.Net token per 10 WAVES staked to our pool
  • We will send this payment within 5 days after getting the registration

Happy Staking!!

Edit 2021-08-24

Today we received the positive feedback of Waves.Exchange. Before the end of this month our pool we be listed. Every staked waves at block 2737385 will be rewarded with 0.1 Stake-Waves.Net token.