New payout strategy from May, 15 2022

After the Stake-Waves.Net node has been running for 14 months, I made up the balance to see what could be done better and whether the costs outweigh the benefits. I think the node is running smoothly (from technical aspect) and has a good base of stakers (on average ~140).
From a cost-benefit perspective, it could be much better. Due to the current (more or less) stable number of staked WAVES (~11,500) it gives that the average WAVES/staker = 82 WAVES.
That gives a weekly revenue (on average) of 0.06 WAVES. With this average the transaction costs will be around 3% of the rewards, so I get 2% for running my node, that is not enough, for sure.

That’s why I made the following decision:

  • I will introduce a minimum amount for payouts (0.0005 WAVES / 0.02 Stake-Waves.Net tokens)
  • Not payed WAVES or Stake-Waves.Net will be accumulated till minimum amount is reached
  • I will keep my payout-frequency on weekly