New payout strategy from July 1, 2023

There are some major changes in the mining-rewards for the nodes. Let me explain:
– Till block 3,720,000 (~ July 6, 2023 20:14 UTC +2) each block is rewarded with 6 WAVES and these can be distributed to the lessors
– From block 3,720,001 each block will still be rewarded with 6 WAVES but 2 WAVES will be used for XTN buy-back and 2 WAVES will be sent to the WAVES DAO. Miners are able to claim LP of the WAVES DAO but these will be locked for 3 months.

As you can see less rewards to share with you as lessors and less rewards for me as node-owner.

So I have to change two things in payout strategy from now on:
– Payments will be done once a month, on the first day of the next month (So July 1 will be the first of the new strategy)
– I can only pay 80% of the rewards to the lessors
– The fees will be payed for 90% to the lessors (same as it ways)

Sorry for the inconvenience but to keep the network strong the decentralization is still needed. So I will keep running my node but I can only do so if it is affordable.